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May 31 2016


You Do Not Have to Be Afraid of a Root Canal

When many patients learn they will need a root canal, they are often fearful of the process. In reality, root canals are fairly easy to go through and do not cause lasting pain. Knowing what to expect during the process will allow a person to feel more comfortable. This procedure can help to stop the pain of decay or infection and can save a tooth from being lost. This information will help to prepare people for a root canal. One can also find further information by visiting www.uniondentalcorp.com/oral-surgery/.

A root canal is typically done under local anesthetic. The gums around the teeth are first numbed so the injections will not cause pain. The injections help to temporarily numb the area so there is no pain felt during the entire procedure and immediately after. Most people only feel a minor level of discomfort after their procedure but this typically fades fairly quickly.


The dentist will first open the top of the tooth so access can be given to the inside. The dentist will need to remove all of the soft tissues in the pulpy area of the tooth. The nerve is also typically removed so pain is no longer felt in the tooth. Removing the nerve does not cause any problems in the normal function of the tooth. The dentist will also scrape down the inside of the canals to clean them of any diseased tissue. This is crucial for ensuring the tooth is completely cleaned out so it will not die and need to be extracted.

When the tooth has been cleaned out, the dentist will then need to replace the tissue that was removed. Gutta-percha is the filling of choice for root canals because it allows for the normal expansion and contraction that occurs within the tooth so damage does not occur.

If you are in need of a root canal, you now know how the procedure is carried out. There is no need to fear this procedure because it can help you save your tooth. For more information on this and other procedures, visit www.UnionDentalCorp.com. This site offers information on the many dental services they offer patients.

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